Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long away

Yeap I agree. It had been sometimes since I last updated the blog here. Alot of changes in life. My junior was here to meet the world. It had been an eventful month in November. The additional midnight round that need to wake up to clear d nappy as well as putting up wit d baby odd awake time in the middle of the night ( so far thank God that only few days in a month)
Waking up at night is fine as u get to see baby moments. Sometimes I get to hug a moveable koala bear when he is wide awake n need attention. Other times when he is lying at his side he will use his hand to tab on u to get ur attention. I got it a few time when watching him until I fall asleep n he will just tab u awake and want u to play with him. Aren't he fun?
Sometimes in the afternoon baby will be on his singlet. And when there r loud noise such as motorbike or ppl talking, he will use his tiny hand to cover his ear. Isn't that wonderful for a reaction at his age?

Anyway I will try to post more of life experience here while my parenthood blog will focus on parenting experience and my color of life blog will be on photography. There I will share some tips n tricks on photography as well as videography.

Till then. ... Do visit all the blogs!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Janet & Dhillion Wedding Dinner

Over the last few weeks had been learning and also trying to get a good shots... and last Friday I got my chance to use what I had learn... :)hmm.. I hope they are nice.. and here just a few shots... I will leave it to the owner of the photos to upload.
If you are interested in hiring me... do drop me an email :

Friday, October 2, 2009

What would you do?

When we go through our life we often faces challenges and we often get alot of discourage comment or even difficult people trying to give you a difficult time...

So when the things get tough we often want to walk away and never get back to that.... or when we got hit badly we just want to fall down...

Alot of time when we fall down we do get back up... as tomorrow will be a better day... but sometimes u were hit again and again and you might just want to stay there down..... Don't get up... we do sometimes say it is hard... it is difficult... is it so suffering... i will still get hit again... but.. no matter how many times we fall... we should get back up... we got our limbs we use to push ourselves up... Look at Nick Vujicic... he got no limbs... he survived and if he does not get back up.. he will stay on the ground face down... so no matter how many times he tried... he must continue to try to get up.

So when was your last time you try and give up? Never give up on right things you believe in. Continue on it! Love living life and be happy :)

You can see more of Nick Vujicic

Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting Technology

Yesterday evening I saw the news showing a new technology from Honda. Coutersy of Honda

So look at that it is really cool it move in X and Y coordinate! It does really show Honda innovation through technology breakthrough the Honda U3-X really slim and lightweight.. and it is perfect for the indoor use for offices.. of course some might think it is for lazy people.. but hey I don't mind getting one for the fun of moving around the office with this Honda U3-X aren't you :)

Previously Segway did have a cool machine that did almost the same thing, but it need to stand on the platform and manuaver through your body weight.. I would say, Segway can be more heavy duty work... useful for petroling around the airport... or around the cargo or even for those in the factory / warehouse use to go to those location (especiall far away)

So what do you think? Different machine for different use :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

It had been a long while...

It was like a long while i didn't blog about my life....
I think it is due to the busyness of the life and also due to too many think on hand that I had to complete.

So lets go through it...just pass my 30th b'day... and yes i'm officially 30th years old and wow... i live in this world for more than 10950 days... :) and it is still counting... :)

I think i should implement the marble balls bowl :) This is how it works..
Get 2 big bowls and prepare few bags of marbles balls... make sure you know how much marbles ball inside each bags. The number of marbles ball going into the bowl are determine by your own view of life. How long you going to stay on earth. Lets say you gonna live till 100 yrs old... it will be having a 36500 into the bowl. BUT remember to deduct ur age :) meaning for me... i need to take out 10950 our from the 36500 :) so i will be pouring 25550 into the bowl :) That will be your TOTAL Life..... and the other bowl at the side of the filling bowl... they will be ur History....

So this is how u going to use ur marble balls... for every day you had pass, take one out from the pile.. and put it into History bowl...

So.. take a look after a year... you will see how much left for you :) looking at days... wow.. i had 1/3 of the life gone :) so did i put it to good use? did i make full use of it?
So ... what about you?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Goodbye PDG6163.....

Today mark the day ... it had been 13 years of memories.... All started in 1996 Chinese New Year it was half present and half saving for this toy.... a present for my PMR result... and it is also a milestone of freedom... :)

You know what, during 16/17 all you want was out of the house and you can go anywhere without asking your parent to drive you around... previously (since 1992) was using my bicycle (a racer) to travel from house (Batu Uban / Sg Nibong) to school (Chung Hwa / Greenlane) and also to tutions (which was at Ayer Itam)....those days on bicycle was good.. and thats the only way going out without asking parent to fetch :)

In 1996, the PDG 6163 actually replace the bicycle... and "motorize" the movement.. and it also bring me to further distance in the outside world.

With the 6163... I actually travel around penang and also go out of penang sometime with the high school mate... then college time at Inti College Malaysia .... it was replaced by a C70 from my sister.. as 6163 was brought to Sabah.... to University Malaysia Sabah....

Throughout the years 6163 got alot of "tag" or sticker.. from Chung Hwa...Pangsapuri Relau...and many more that 6163 had been part of our life.... Thank you for bring us everywhere :) Instead of leaving you alone at 26... I would pass you to a new owner... as the new owner will take good care of you.... I had maintain you well and you still the good bike that help me "win" some race ;) (thats our past secret that can't really share here)

You will always be remembered. Honda EX5

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A day out at Singapore Zoo

I know ... you must asking me.. did I got H1N1? erm.... for now NO... I don't.....but let's see how it goes... overall the fear we had originally was actually just overboard... I don't think it is that serious ... except for those with some critical diseases.... for others it is just a flu....

We did spend sometime out of the house... went to Singapore Zoo....
If you are interested in some of the nice animals.... check these out...

There are more pictures but I would save it for you to visit Singapore Zoo on your own :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Pics...

At last manage to have some of the nice pictures that taken from my Canon 500D :)

This was taken on the first few days of the camera arrive :) It was the view of my room.... there was a plane took off... thats why u saw the line there and if you pay enough attention... there were 3 stars capture in the picture as well :)

This was taken on one of the Georgetown Walk...

This is Haan Yu... I was trying out the blurring effect ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gift for someone

Ever run into event that you need to give your guest a door gift and you not sure what to give? Or the budget that you allocated can't get you a good gift?
Think no more :)
there are Fridge magnet for everyone!

If you are traveller or divers you can capture the moments and put it onto the magnet... and just stick your magnet onto any metal surface....

for family picture as well as lately for Father's day special...

Also you can have for wedding!

If you want to give encouragement to your friends.. or just a thank you note to them... make it memorable and attached with some nice background pictures...

The best part... it is personalized... not a general item for everyone :)

If you are looking for the cost below are some of the price:
MQS: 3.6cm (W) x 9.5cm(H) x 0.1cm (T) = RM12/ser (3 in 1 set)
MQM :9.5cm(W) x 7cm (H) x 0.1cm (T) = RM7/ pc
MQL : 12cm(W) x 8.5cm (H) x 0.1cm (T) = RM12/pc
W = Width, H = Height, T= Thickness
* Terms and Condition Applied
For wedding package or other customized size can further discuss. Do contact me :) at or

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Foong Wei Restaurant

On Sunday we did an early celebration of Father's day with my dad... and out of no where we had chosen Foong Wei Restaurant at Jalan Sri Bahari, which is located diagonally across The Ship restaurant. Perviously I tried this Foong Wei Restaurant, the food there are not bad as overall. Service was good. Very responsive. But after our encouter over the weekend, I must say, I felt disapointed as their service and food.

We make a booking a day before and the lady actually said the restaurant all full... not even asking when I want to make the reservation. Then, after I told them I'm asking for Sunday lunch, they only said: "oh, ok, how many people". After giving them the detail, I went off.

So, on that day itself we arrive on the time we made the reservation... after sitting down, we did ask to take orders as given the restaurant was almost full. we waited for 20 mins but there still no shadow of anyone come and take our orders... so we had to walk to the counter and ask for the lady again... (really bad...)
After that we do get our dish ordered.. and problems arise again....
the dishes actually came first and we were like asking for white rice... but rice didn't arrive upon the dish had came... so... all the dishes were infront of us and we got no rice to eat with it..... it took like 5mins after only we got our table filled with rice...

Next problem arises..... after having half way of the food, we found out a baby crocoach died in the dish!!! And worst part we like half way eaten that dish! We ask the waiter to come and have a look... and she just took away the plate that had the crocoach.... later the "captain" came and ask us what happen... we were like.. aren't the waiter show you the crocoach, she pretended like she don't know, and we had to show her what we had captured through the camera! and she only admit... and ask us what we want.... to cut the story short... we just cancel that dish... and to me...
I don't think i would want to go back to that restaurant again....

The service of the restaurant had dropped, food doesn't taste as good as before.... if you do happen to dine there.... just beware of what you are eating....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Movies to Watch

There are a few good movies that are going to show in the coming months.. some just can't wait that it will show tomorrow :)
1) Transformers 2 (Revenge of the Fallen)
2) Iron Man 2
3) Spider-Man 4
4) Harry Potter 6 (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)
5) G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
6) Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs
7) Sherk : Sherk Forever After
and many many more :)

I wonder if it does help if I work in the screen rating, so before any of the movie being screen, I am able to watch them first :)

anyway just a dream.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting Your Passport Fast...

My passport will be expire in 2 months time... and had been pending and postponing to go and renew it. This is due to few reasons...the crowd that will be pile up by 9pm when you reach there and also laziness :)

So.. on Monday I decided to make a stand and just do it :) SO.. I a half day off and "try" to wake up early than usual time.. work up at 6am... but in the end due to "certain" reason that I cannot disclose here... :) by the time I arrive the immigration office it is already 9am!!

Ok ... I walk in to the information counter and let them check on my documents... seem like I miss out my photocopy IC.... the officer told me at the back of the office do have a copy machine service... so I just go over and check it out.... and as expected... LONG Queue.... people are queuing there for photo taking and copying their IC... all in the same queue.... so sad....

I actually try to see how long the wait was and look at the progress... counted.. there were about 12 people in front of me!.... so i don't think i want to wait for that long.... to cut the story short.... people who just want to get a photocopy of their IC, can walk down the street there is one shop does have a copier machine :) it charge 40cents only :) (slightly higher compare to the normal rate, but what the heck, at 9am others shop still not open)

By the time I got back to the immigration office, it is already 9.10am :) still not too bad... the officer check list:
2 x Photos = Check
Old passport = Check
1x photocopy IC= Check
Money (RM300) = Check

Ok, please go to Counter 12 and ask for Kiosk!

KIOSK??!!! wow... it was my first time man.. immigration got Kiosk! :)

So... went over to counter 12 and the guy lead me to the Kiosk... quite cool.. and I actually "cut queue" as no one was there ahead and immediately i can get my passport process :)

What you need to do is fill up your mobile phone number, and your IC number, and of course your name onto the envelop...then put your photos and photocopy IC hem into the ready envelop. Slot in your passport to the kiosk... slot in your IC for verification.... check your thumb print... then confirm all the detail in the system are correct ...the machine will prompt you for payment... so they accept CASH only!!.... after your payment insert your passport into the envelop seal it...last... drop in the envelop at the Kiosk.... Walla! You got your renewal passport ready for process!

After you put in everything they will give you a slip... and your passport will be ready after 2 hours! you can then go for your breakfast!....

So by the time I complete that... it was just 9.15am! time for breakfast ! :)
Imagine all these can be done within 5 mins!

After 2 hours which is around11.30am... go to the info officer, get the queue number, drop your slip to counter 8... and wait for your number to be called... within few minutes... you will get your new passport!

:) That Simple! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Expensive Toilet....

Last week when I was at Midvalley... I noticed this toilet... Premier Toilet....
and it charged! not just 20cents or 50cents... but ....RM5!!
So out of curiosity... I pay a visit to the most expensive toilet I ever be in :)

First impression... CLEAN :) I got to give a 5 stars rating there... and it smell alot better than my house toilet! The ambient was great, come with nice lighting and music...

For those who have difficulty doing business, should pay and sit in there for their big business :)

The tissue quality are good... soft and tender ;) hahahah

It also had added value product.... I believe that company want to try out their product will sponsor this toilet :) giving out free trial on their lotions as well as their nice soup.

Overall I would give a 2 thumbs up for the toilet :) but for price wise.... good for experience :) I like the lotions though... :) and it comes with a hand cloths to dry your hand instead of using the paper/ dryer.

Check out the Toilet :)

So.. what do you think? :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Speaking of dogs....

i still remember how my beloved dog "Angie" were when she first came to our house... and her first visitor from the CG.... Alex Kee and Fon Ho....

Alex were playing with her even she really BITE him..... hahahaha

check it out the below pictures....

This is Alex Kee... erm 2006 :)

and this was how she bite!

the deep thought Fon Ho :)

I never know Fon Ho also like dogs :)

Anyway those are memories :)

fun and interesting memories that a good 2 years that I had with Angie... she did been through alot of ups and downs with me :)

Wherever she is now... may God be with her :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dog Rescue Needed!

I believe some had heard about the news.... there are about 300 stray dogs were left isolated to an island without any food or fresh water... according to some of the report a third of the dogs there were dead.. and the others feed on their carcass!

The resident of Pulau Ketam sent the dogs to the isolated island to die.... and I wonder if they ever think of the welfare of the dogs... and think about this... if the dog were not brought into this world without the resident of Pulau Ketam... why there are so many dogs in the first place right? And now they are throwing them out... all the poor dogs...starving and dying along the mangrove shore....

Thanks to people like Sabrina Yeap and TV Smith for putting this into highlight.... Sabrina run this Furry Friends Farm animal shelter and they are in need of funds to accomodate this extra dogs... if you could help.. do donate or help them out....

they can be reach at for TV Smith or for Sabrina Yeap.

(*updated) Janet will handle publicity and donation info, While Zalina will be the media and press liaisons person and Nicole will assist them both. They can be reached at +6012 378 3730 (Janet) or +6012 320 8090 (Zalina) The Sec's E-mail is

To follow the updates do go to this site Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue Mission

For more info... do go to here :

This was also publish in The Star newspaper...

You can also donate to Furry Friends Farm:

Account Number - 1457-0001182-056 (CIMB Bank) - "Furry Friends Farm"

Monday, April 27, 2009

At Last....

Ok.. Praise the Lord for His protection... and I still got my job :)

ok.. now it is the next 6 months that need to perform... but not just I need to perform.. i believe the entire division need to perform.... this division are quite interesting compare to my previous.... but i believe we can do it... it require some changes... too bad i'm not the one that can change... i do make difference... but too bad the rest of them are not in same mind...

i used to have the mentality of DO or DIE.... and it does bring me to where I am and able to learn alot from there.... here... it is slightly different... some said maybe they are different product... but hey.... Marketing is marketing... product is just an object that bring across... the method and message are the same.

Will blog more when I really have time.... sorry ppl.... this few days or weeks really very chaos for me.... work seem to pile up and I need to make things happen...

I will do my best to contribute and leave the rest to God... as God will make it happen :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is it Now....

So.. another few more hours till the announcement from the company on the so called VSS list... (VSS = Voluntary Separation Scheme) It means it is volunteer to take up the package and leave the company.. in some ways... it sound good as it is volunteer to leave... but the execution part is not that way... throughout the years of my work... i think i gone through a few round of this... they either already had a list of people that they want to cut off and you have no choice but accept it.... unless you have certain "connection" that maybe you are "volunteer" :)
So... what I see in some of the previous company.. they give a BIG bonus for those who had worked for 20 yrs or more... and it is like a golden handshake... those people are smiling to their banks... :) Imagine this.. you had work for a company for more than 10 yrs.. and for each year they give you a factor of 1.5 so... with that multiply that to the year of service... you get at least a 15 months of your LAST withdrawn salary! ... and on top of that, since they terminate you immediately, they will pay for your 1 or 2 months notice period, and also the annual "bonus" or the 13th month salary. AND.... if you do have company shares or stock options that are not mature yet, ALL will be matured IMMEDIATELY! and the company will buy back at the current market rate. Examples : you are given 5000 stock options at the price of $1. When they terminate you, the fair market value of the share is $10. You earn the delta of that! You actually earn $45,000.

Good right? NO!!! IT IS GREAT!!!!
too bad all those are in my previous company...
So... now what is it? Is the new company gonna do the same? Or is there any other than that?

What I would say, be still. God is still in control over all things that happen in our life. God know what is gonna happen in our life. He got the whole picture but we don't know. When He bring you to some place, He will bring you out of some place. You just need to do His will there when you are in that area. Untill you had completed that task that He had assigned to you... you still need to be there. He will always be by your side and holding you when you fall.

I once watch a movie with my wife together... one of the actress asked this question: Why do your God allow all these to happen to you?
And the Actor reply: God is just like a father with a daughter. The father always walk beside the daughter, when the daughter fall, the father is there to help her stand up again.

Just like in our life, we do fall when ever we did not cling onto God. But God always there to help us back on the track. He is always there, we just need to be like the daughter, hold onto the father's hand and walk. Just like we holding God's hand.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cooking this Sat....

For those who want to try out...
I'm cooking in PCC this coming saturday!!
Although it is not my first time... i think i had started cooking since 2007 :)
This Saturday i will be cooking what i had learn from Agape Home...
it will be mixed chicken with long beans in rice :)
And a additional vegi :)

It will be fun...
oh yah.. additional... I got one more steps towards what i want to do for this ministry...
to reach out as well as to minister to the Youth... this satuday there will be one new guy joining me... I wonder how to really guide him :)

God bless ! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No Car Day result...

Seem like still got car... of course me too drive today... what to do.. the bus service still did not operate around my housing area... which i got to drive to work :(

Anyway..remember this Sat 8.30pm is Earth Day!!!
remember to switch OFF your light... of course if you can switch off your house power it will be BEST :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Penang No Car Day

Penang had respond to the WWF Earth Hour. With that, they had come out with interesting event on NO CAR DAY! They plan to create awareness on global warming and in their respond leading towards Earth Hour.

So..... NO CAR DAY happen on 25th March and there are FREE buses or they call CAT bus to commute around George Town

btw, Penang is one of the UNESCO World Heritage City.
Do come to Penang to visit this wonderful small Island :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Earth Hour

Ever think of what will happen to our earth 20 years from now?
Ever think of the earth in our children eye..or our grandchildren's eye?

Start not by saving our earth... join in and make a impact.
Earth Hour March 28th, 2009 at 8.30pm
Do switch OFF your household power for full 60mins and save the energy of the earth.
Look you not going to suffer for long, give in for a good cause.. just a mere 60mins in return, we had took alot from the earth.. time to give it back.
Vote Earth and cast your vote by switching off.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

Wow... what a year... 2008.. many things had passed.... many new learned tatic as well as knowledges....
Sit back and enjoy 2009 :)
a new Start!....
with a drink in your hand and a popcorn.... get ready for 2009 to be on show.

Thanks for all the reader of this blog... as well as visitor...:)
Thank you