Friday, October 2, 2009

What would you do?

When we go through our life we often faces challenges and we often get alot of discourage comment or even difficult people trying to give you a difficult time...

So when the things get tough we often want to walk away and never get back to that.... or when we got hit badly we just want to fall down...

Alot of time when we fall down we do get back up... as tomorrow will be a better day... but sometimes u were hit again and again and you might just want to stay there down..... Don't get up... we do sometimes say it is hard... it is difficult... is it so suffering... i will still get hit again... but.. no matter how many times we fall... we should get back up... we got our limbs we use to push ourselves up... Look at Nick Vujicic... he got no limbs... he survived and if he does not get back up.. he will stay on the ground face down... so no matter how many times he tried... he must continue to try to get up.

So when was your last time you try and give up? Never give up on right things you believe in. Continue on it! Love living life and be happy :)

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