Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long away

Yeap I agree. It had been sometimes since I last updated the blog here. Alot of changes in life. My junior was here to meet the world. It had been an eventful month in November. The additional midnight round that need to wake up to clear d nappy as well as putting up wit d baby odd awake time in the middle of the night ( so far thank God that only few days in a month)
Waking up at night is fine as u get to see baby moments. Sometimes I get to hug a moveable koala bear when he is wide awake n need attention. Other times when he is lying at his side he will use his hand to tab on u to get ur attention. I got it a few time when watching him until I fall asleep n he will just tab u awake and want u to play with him. Aren't he fun?
Sometimes in the afternoon baby will be on his singlet. And when there r loud noise such as motorbike or ppl talking, he will use his tiny hand to cover his ear. Isn't that wonderful for a reaction at his age?

Anyway I will try to post more of life experience here while my parenthood blog will focus on parenting experience and my color of life blog will be on photography. There I will share some tips n tricks on photography as well as videography.

Till then. ... Do visit all the blogs!

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