Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

As the count down goes on....

Here I would like to wish you all a Happy..Healthy..Prosperous...Joyful.. and Peaceful Chinese New Year...
Tiger Year.. Roarrr!!! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

New year resolutions

Welcome 2010!! I believe it is going to be an interesting year. Alot of new things that I want to branch in as well as alot of tryout with my junior!!

I know... Alot of time we list down our resolution for the years we might end up meeting some, there r also ppl said that by putting down the new year resolution we r tie to those limited space we can achieve and not our full potential, some even said that keep something simple so you won't stressout... but to me, I just think that putting down a resolution does help us to keep track of what we wanted to do or achieve in that year and also as an reminder or alert to me whenever I'm lost.

Here it goes:
1) Control my emotion in every situation.
2) Be healthy by going to gym at least 3 times a week be it during lunch or after work spend at least 50mins there workout, also can bring my family to healthy places
3) Manage my finances (clear off my car loan)
4) Blog at least twice a week!
5) Involve in more projects

Hmmm the list can continue on and on as I have many many in my mind anyway have a wonderful new decade ahead.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long away

Yeap I agree. It had been sometimes since I last updated the blog here. Alot of changes in life. My junior was here to meet the world. It had been an eventful month in November. The additional midnight round that need to wake up to clear d nappy as well as putting up wit d baby odd awake time in the middle of the night ( so far thank God that only few days in a month)
Waking up at night is fine as u get to see baby moments. Sometimes I get to hug a moveable koala bear when he is wide awake n need attention. Other times when he is lying at his side he will use his hand to tab on u to get ur attention. I got it a few time when watching him until I fall asleep n he will just tab u awake and want u to play with him. Aren't he fun?
Sometimes in the afternoon baby will be on his singlet. And when there r loud noise such as motorbike or ppl talking, he will use his tiny hand to cover his ear. Isn't that wonderful for a reaction at his age?

Anyway I will try to post more of life experience here while my parenthood blog will focus on parenting experience and my color of life blog will be on photography. There I will share some tips n tricks on photography as well as videography.

Till then. ... Do visit all the blogs!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Janet & Dhillion Wedding Dinner

Over the last few weeks had been learning and also trying to get a good shots... and last Friday I got my chance to use what I had learn... :)hmm.. I hope they are nice.. and here just a few shots... I will leave it to the owner of the photos to upload.
If you are interested in hiring me... do drop me an email :

Friday, October 2, 2009

What would you do?

When we go through our life we often faces challenges and we often get alot of discourage comment or even difficult people trying to give you a difficult time...

So when the things get tough we often want to walk away and never get back to that.... or when we got hit badly we just want to fall down...

Alot of time when we fall down we do get back up... as tomorrow will be a better day... but sometimes u were hit again and again and you might just want to stay there down..... Don't get up... we do sometimes say it is hard... it is difficult... is it so suffering... i will still get hit again... but.. no matter how many times we fall... we should get back up... we got our limbs we use to push ourselves up... Look at Nick Vujicic... he got no limbs... he survived and if he does not get back up.. he will stay on the ground face down... so no matter how many times he tried... he must continue to try to get up.

So when was your last time you try and give up? Never give up on right things you believe in. Continue on it! Love living life and be happy :)

You can see more of Nick Vujicic

Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting Technology

Yesterday evening I saw the news showing a new technology from Honda. Coutersy of Honda

So look at that it is really cool it move in X and Y coordinate! It does really show Honda innovation through technology breakthrough the Honda U3-X really slim and lightweight.. and it is perfect for the indoor use for offices.. of course some might think it is for lazy people.. but hey I don't mind getting one for the fun of moving around the office with this Honda U3-X aren't you :)

Previously Segway did have a cool machine that did almost the same thing, but it need to stand on the platform and manuaver through your body weight.. I would say, Segway can be more heavy duty work... useful for petroling around the airport... or around the cargo or even for those in the factory / warehouse use to go to those location (especiall far away)

So what do you think? Different machine for different use :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

It had been a long while...

It was like a long while i didn't blog about my life....
I think it is due to the busyness of the life and also due to too many think on hand that I had to complete.

So lets go through it...just pass my 30th b'day... and yes i'm officially 30th years old and wow... i live in this world for more than 10950 days... :) and it is still counting... :)

I think i should implement the marble balls bowl :) This is how it works..
Get 2 big bowls and prepare few bags of marbles balls... make sure you know how much marbles ball inside each bags. The number of marbles ball going into the bowl are determine by your own view of life. How long you going to stay on earth. Lets say you gonna live till 100 yrs old... it will be having a 36500 into the bowl. BUT remember to deduct ur age :) meaning for me... i need to take out 10950 our from the 36500 :) so i will be pouring 25550 into the bowl :) That will be your TOTAL Life..... and the other bowl at the side of the filling bowl... they will be ur History....

So this is how u going to use ur marble balls... for every day you had pass, take one out from the pile.. and put it into History bowl...

So.. take a look after a year... you will see how much left for you :) looking at days... wow.. i had 1/3 of the life gone :) so did i put it to good use? did i make full use of it?
So ... what about you?