Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting Technology

Yesterday evening I saw the news showing a new technology from Honda. Coutersy of Honda

So look at that it is really cool it move in X and Y coordinate! It does really show Honda innovation through technology breakthrough the Honda U3-X really slim and lightweight.. and it is perfect for the indoor use for offices.. of course some might think it is for lazy people.. but hey I don't mind getting one for the fun of moving around the office with this Honda U3-X aren't you :)

Previously Segway did have a cool machine that did almost the same thing, but it need to stand on the platform and manuaver through your body weight.. I would say, Segway can be more heavy duty work... useful for petroling around the airport... or around the cargo or even for those in the factory / warehouse use to go to those location (especiall far away)

So what do you think? Different machine for different use :)

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