Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting Your Passport Fast...

My passport will be expire in 2 months time... and had been pending and postponing to go and renew it. This is due to few reasons...the crowd that will be pile up by 9pm when you reach there and also laziness :)

So.. on Monday I decided to make a stand and just do it :) SO.. I a half day off and "try" to wake up early than usual time.. work up at 6am... but in the end due to "certain" reason that I cannot disclose here... :) by the time I arrive the immigration office it is already 9am!!

Ok ... I walk in to the information counter and let them check on my documents... seem like I miss out my photocopy IC.... the officer told me at the back of the office do have a copy machine service... so I just go over and check it out.... and as expected... LONG Queue.... people are queuing there for photo taking and copying their IC... all in the same queue.... so sad....

I actually try to see how long the wait was and look at the progress... counted.. there were about 12 people in front of me!.... so i don't think i want to wait for that long.... to cut the story short.... people who just want to get a photocopy of their IC, can walk down the street there is one shop does have a copier machine :) it charge 40cents only :) (slightly higher compare to the normal rate, but what the heck, at 9am others shop still not open)

By the time I got back to the immigration office, it is already 9.10am :) still not too bad... the officer check list:
2 x Photos = Check
Old passport = Check
1x photocopy IC= Check
Money (RM300) = Check

Ok, please go to Counter 12 and ask for Kiosk!

KIOSK??!!! wow... it was my first time man.. immigration got Kiosk! :)

So... went over to counter 12 and the guy lead me to the Kiosk... quite cool.. and I actually "cut queue" as no one was there ahead and immediately i can get my passport process :)

What you need to do is fill up your mobile phone number, and your IC number, and of course your name onto the envelop...then put your photos and photocopy IC hem into the ready envelop. Slot in your passport to the kiosk... slot in your IC for verification.... check your thumb print... then confirm all the detail in the system are correct ...the machine will prompt you for payment... so they accept CASH only!!.... after your payment insert your passport into the envelop seal it...last... drop in the envelop at the Kiosk.... Walla! You got your renewal passport ready for process!

After you put in everything they will give you a slip... and your passport will be ready after 2 hours! you can then go for your breakfast!....

So by the time I complete that... it was just 9.15am! time for breakfast ! :)
Imagine all these can be done within 5 mins!

After 2 hours which is around11.30am... go to the info officer, get the queue number, drop your slip to counter 8... and wait for your number to be called... within few minutes... you will get your new passport!

:) That Simple! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Expensive Toilet....

Last week when I was at Midvalley... I noticed this toilet... Premier Toilet....
and it charged! not just 20cents or 50cents... but ....RM5!!
So out of curiosity... I pay a visit to the most expensive toilet I ever be in :)

First impression... CLEAN :) I got to give a 5 stars rating there... and it smell alot better than my house toilet! The ambient was great, come with nice lighting and music...

For those who have difficulty doing business, should pay and sit in there for their big business :)

The tissue quality are good... soft and tender ;) hahahah

It also had added value product.... I believe that company want to try out their product will sponsor this toilet :) giving out free trial on their lotions as well as their nice soup.

Overall I would give a 2 thumbs up for the toilet :) but for price wise.... good for experience :) I like the lotions though... :) and it comes with a hand cloths to dry your hand instead of using the paper/ dryer.

Check out the Toilet :)

So.. what do you think? :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Speaking of dogs....

i still remember how my beloved dog "Angie" were when she first came to our house... and her first visitor from the CG.... Alex Kee and Fon Ho....

Alex were playing with her even she really BITE him..... hahahaha

check it out the below pictures....

This is Alex Kee... erm 2006 :)

and this was how she bite!

the deep thought Fon Ho :)

I never know Fon Ho also like dogs :)

Anyway those are memories :)

fun and interesting memories that a good 2 years that I had with Angie... she did been through alot of ups and downs with me :)

Wherever she is now... may God be with her :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dog Rescue Needed!

I believe some had heard about the news.... there are about 300 stray dogs were left isolated to an island without any food or fresh water... according to some of the report a third of the dogs there were dead.. and the others feed on their carcass!

The resident of Pulau Ketam sent the dogs to the isolated island to die.... and I wonder if they ever think of the welfare of the dogs... and think about this... if the dog were not brought into this world without the resident of Pulau Ketam... why there are so many dogs in the first place right? And now they are throwing them out... all the poor dogs...starving and dying along the mangrove shore....

Thanks to people like Sabrina Yeap and TV Smith for putting this into highlight.... Sabrina run this Furry Friends Farm animal shelter and they are in need of funds to accomodate this extra dogs... if you could help.. do donate or help them out....

they can be reach at for TV Smith or for Sabrina Yeap.

(*updated) Janet will handle publicity and donation info, While Zalina will be the media and press liaisons person and Nicole will assist them both. They can be reached at +6012 378 3730 (Janet) or +6012 320 8090 (Zalina) The Sec's E-mail is

To follow the updates do go to this site Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue Mission

For more info... do go to here :

This was also publish in The Star newspaper...

You can also donate to Furry Friends Farm:

Account Number - 1457-0001182-056 (CIMB Bank) - "Furry Friends Farm"